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Delivering Sustainable Services!

  • Accounting & Financial Services Plans

AF&TS offers a wide range of strategic financial services plan packaged options, to assist with various organization's (daily, month-end, quarterly and year end) operation requirements. Our most popular products are shown below.

Please contact us for questions and more information on our products, promotions and custom packaged options.

*AF&TS maintenance fee -

$85.00 per hr / min 1 hr.

Applicable maintenance fees includes / and are not limited to the following accounting services: A/P, A/R, analysis, audits, bank reconciliations, bill pay services, bookkeeping, budget, billing/invoice preparation requests, financial statement preparation and payroll services.

Customized packaged options:

Basic Financial Services Plans

· Financial Statement
· Source of Income Table
· Budget

Expanded Financial Services Plans

· Financial Statement

· Source of Income Table

· Budget / Bookkeeping

· Monthly or quarterly financial analysis

(tracking expenses and revenue – graphs / charts )

Mega Financial Services Plans

Monthly rate: includes all services from the basic and expanded plans

· Business Financial Audits - semi-annual or annual audits

· Tax Preparations - (e-File) quarterly, semi-annual or annually

*AF&TS look forward to managing your Accounting, Tax and Financial Services needs. Call or send an email, to schedule a consultation.